Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Day to Remember

Tomorrow is 9/11 and that means something different to each and every one of us. it makes us think about our vulnerabilities, our country, our family our lives. It makes us sad for the ones lost, proud to be an American, happy we are free. It means several things for us too: We will be married 12 years... Cameron will be 2 years, 2 months old... Our world has never been the same. Amazingly we as a couple/family are in a pretty good place. We are ready to embrace the day and whatever emotions it brings. We have not yet done our second transfer, and are still hoping to do so by the end of the year. As we look to this uncertain future, I can't help but hope that the events of that day 10 years ago give you (and myself) time to simply reflect on life, the love of God, and the blessings He has, and will yet, bestow upon us. We will NEVER forget...

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