Monday, February 18, 2013

It's "D" Day!

Today is February 18th 2012... Brayden and Kayla's due date. It is time to stop saying "He shouldn't be here yet," and time to watch him grow just like a newborn would. It is a bittersweet day as I look at pictures of Kayla and look at Brayden resting comfortably on his play mat. He is 2 months, 1 week and 4 days old at his due date.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Look, New Title, New - A LOT!

Hi! It has been a while since I have updated this blog, so this may get long, but here goes! We transferred our two remaining embryos on June 1st 2012. Both embryos took and we were expecting twins with a due date of February 18th 2013! It was a complicated, frustrating pregnancy, that I never really, fully, enjoyed. I had severe "all day" sickness, and we discovered early on that one of our twins was developing abnormally and would have a fatal outcome. We had an amniocentesis done and when we learned there were no chromosomal abnormalities, decided to carry and wait it out. The twin continued to develop abnormally and at our gender scan we learned we were having a boy and a girl, our girl was the one with the abnormalities, while our boy was thriving. Fast forward to Sunday November 11th 2012 at 25+6 weeks when I woke up around 4:30 AM with the feeling of a lot of leaking fluid. I went to the bathroom twice without turning on the light, before I woke up a bit, and then turned on the light and noticed the t-paper had pink on it. I then let Jason know that I was calling the night nurse at our hospital, and would likely be going in. I arrived by about 5:15 AM and was admitted with all kinds of tests performed. One test showed that my potassium level was very low, so I was started on a potassium IV. My blood pressure was also elevated and since I am a candidate for pre-eclampsia, I was told I would be staying at least overnight. None of the tests performed indicated that I was leaking amniotic fluid, but one test did show that I was in danger of going into preterm labor. As the day went on, my blood pressure did steady out a bit, but we began talking about early delivery, and I was informed the hospital I was at does not have a NICU capable of caring for infants less than 32 weeks, so we began discussing a transfer. However, as the day and night went on, I continued to improve and talk was changing more to me going home on bed rest. On Monday I had a couple more “fluid gushing” episodes, but again, none of them tested positive as being amniotic fluid. They still decided to keep me Monday night for more observation, because of the leaking and still pre-e chance, but we were told that by Tuesday afternoon we should be preparing to go home. Well, Tuesday afternoon, Maternal Fetal Medicine came in and TOTALLY changed everything! The MFM doctor would not allow me to go home, and told me I would be on hospital bed rest for up to 10 WEEKS!!! My thought was: “Um no, last night all my doctors felt I was fine, why are you being difficult???” She went on to tell me every possible gloom and doom scenario about pre-e and I just sat there and bawled and bawled. She THEN PROCEEDS to take my blood pressure as I am crying and processing everything and of course it was through the roof, and she said: “See how high your blood pressure is?” I told her why it was so high, but she was having none of it, and started me on Magnesium, the worst medication in the world, as I was begging her not to. So we were then transferred to another hospital with a more capable NICU and spent the night there for observation. Once I had calmed down and settled in, my blood pressure once again stabilized. On Wednesday, I saw a slew of new and wonderful doctors, OB/GYN and MFM included, along with a whole new round of tests. The Magnesium was thankfully stopped early, and luckily my side effects were not as awful as they can be on that medicine. The new MFM doctor did not come out and say this as such, but as he was speaking with me he was basically saying: “I am not sure why you needed to stay in a hospital.” He told me that yes I am showing mild pre-e signs, but my blood work and other tests came back fine, but there is nothing that at this point requires hospital bed rest, home bed rest, yes, but not hospital. “PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!” I immediately began the process of transferring my care to the new hospital and their doctors. It is the hospital I delivered Cameron at, and I feel better in the care of a facility with a better NICU. I was able to come home Thursday November 15th. I hadn't seen Cameron since Sunday morning, and I was so very happy to be home! Fast forward again to Friday December 7th 2012 at 29+4 weeks. I had been in and out of various doctors the whole week. On Friday at 12:15 I was scheduled to have another ultrasound scan with Maternal Fetal Medicine. At one point, the tech asked me if I had had any bleeding and I said that I had. I asked if she could tell, and she said that yes, the picture looked different than it had the day before. When the doctor came in to do his part of the scan, he said well, lets go get you delivered, right now. I had placenta abrupbtion, meaning that my placenta was tearing away from the uterine wall, making blood pool behind it. I began making phone calls, while getting prepped for the c-section. Jason was coming and I was whisked away. 2:41 P.M. Brayden was born and 2:50 P.M. Kayla was born. Kayla was not well, and survived for approximately one hour. Kayla was loved on by Daddy and Grandma. Brayden was doing well and was whisked away to the NICU. I went to see Brayden at about 9:00 P.M. and he was doing well all things considered. He is handsome as can be, looking a lot like big brother Cameron. The first challenge for Mommy and Daddy was saying goodbye to Kayla. It was very emotional, but we got through it, and know she is in a good place, no matter how much we miss her. We had a memorial for her on Sunday December 23rd 2012. The first challenge for Brayden were some lung issues. It was a scary time for Mommy and Daddy. But it isn't anything uncommon for a preemie. Brayden continued to have ups and downs in the NICU as is common, but finally after 47 days, he came home with us on no oxygen or monitors. he is amazing! His complete journey can be found here: We continue to learn about Brayden and grow with him as a new part of our family. Cameron loves his little brother and is adjusting as would be expected. :)