Friday, August 28, 2009

The Long Journeys End

Wow! Here is Cameron's Birth Story:

Jason and I welcomed our new, precious bundle of joy at 9:26 PM Saturday July 11th!! It was quite a journey to get there, and I wanted to share it.

I went in to the OB/GYN on Thursday July 9th at 10:00 AM for my regular 38 week appointment and was discovered to have very high blood pressure, and early signs of pre-eclampsia. My pressure was reading in the range of 180/100!!! They sent me to triage where I was monitored for several hours. After it was determined that Cameron was OK and having no effects, I was told I needed to stay in bed and that I could do it at the hospital or at home. I chose home! I was told to return in 24 hours to have everything checked again.

This time, Jason came with me. It was 3:00 PM Friday July 10th, and I was found to still have very high blood pressure, and the pre-eclampsia had progressed into a more dangerous (to mommy, not baby) level. I was admitted to Labor & Delivery. It was interesting at this point to see how nervous Jason was, even more than I was!!! After an exam, it was determined that I was no where near time to deliver and was in danger from the pre-eclampsia, so I was put on two meds. One was Cervidil, which was to aid in inducing labor, the second was Magnesium (Mag) which was to aid in lowering my blood pressure. This particular med also aids in slowing and stopping pre-term labor. So you can see the predicament I was in!!! We were counter acting the meds, but both were necessary!

When the nurse was preparing to give me the Mag she said that this med will make me feel like I'd been hit by a truck! The Cervidil would likely give me cramps! So the Mag was started about 5:00 PM and the Cervidil at 8:00 PM. The Cervidil doses need 12 hours to take any effect, so I was in for the night. Around 1:00 AM Saturday July 11th, the Mag did its work and I began to feel yucky. I was able to sleep and the nurses were very kind. At about 4:00 AM I needed to potty, but discovered the Mag had taken away my ability to walk on my own and needed help. This was odd, not to be able to stand and walk on my own legs. I also began having some vision problems and the doctors began to really see concern in my situation. My blood pressure had only been reduced slightly and at 8:00 AM Saturday July 11th, the Cervidil had done nothing to progress me into labor. I was told another dose of Cervidil would be given, and I would continue on the Mag, thus giving me another 12 hours of waiting to see what would progress.

I went downhill pretty quickly from there, developing a severe headache. I couldn't walk, couldn't see straight, couldn't get comfortable, you name it, I was miserable. I began to think about how when laboring finally did begin, was I really going to be able to stand getting through contractions, and would I even have the will and strength to push? I got really scared! After discovering that the second round of Cervidil had also done nothing, and that my blood pressure was higher than ever, the focus began to shift more toward my health and since I was already so scared and delirious I said lets just do a C-section! Yes, I actually opted for the procedure!! The kind doctor agreed, and rather quickly too, so I think I was worse off than anyone really let on!! This was about 8:15 PM Saturday July 11th.

I was taken to the OR and given the necessary meds. Jason had to wait outside the room until I was ready. I felt as though I was being crucified, because they strap your arms out so that you can't have a reflex and they have access to your iv's. It was an overall weird and relaxing feeling as the medicine took affect. I did have the bouts of nausea that comes with an anesthetic, but all was well. I remember the moment the doctor asked if Jason wanted to see the head and I knew it was close to being done, and at 9:26 PM Saturday July 11th 2009 Cameron Michael joined our family! I obviously did not get to hold him, but Jason got to stay with him and welcome him while I went to recovery. It was a very quick night from there and I did a lot of sleeping.

I did not hold Cameron until 11:16 AM on Sunday July 12th, because it was only then I began to regain control over my muscles and movements from the Mag. It was the most unbelievable moment, and I can hardly describe it. Slowly I began to recover and the Mag was stopped and I was able to eventually get out of bed and walk and begin my journey as mommy. We came home Wednesday afternoon, with still somewhat high blood pressure, but with medicine that will hopefully aid in returning those levels to normal. I have surprisingly through all of this not been in any unmanageable pain. I am told this is not the norm for a C-section, and that I have fared very well. I can only say that I am truly blessed by God and it is only through him that I made it through and Cameron came to be ours!