Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy Train!


So, I made the call today to set up the initial appointment to use our two remaining embryos! And now I am nervous and scared and excited! I am anxious about going on the meds again, scared about the thawing and implanting, but excited about the prospect of being pregnant again! I LOVED being pregnant. I was disappointed that the first available appointment was not until March 8th, that was NOT in my timeframe! LOL but it is all good, I will wait. Just wanted to update you all as I did originally think we would transfer in late January or early February. I am thinking now it would be more like April. But again, it's ok.


bre said...


Jess said...

How exciting!!! Praying as you prepare for the FET.

rebecca said...

I know I posted on babycenter to your news, but just had to tell you again I'm so excited for you!!! Hoping things go by quickly these next couple of months, I'm sure before you know it you'll be at transfer again!