Sunday, November 21, 2010

In the Car Pool Lane

Cameron is now 16 months old, and we have begun to discuss using our remaining two embryos. We can only pray for the same result if not double! My will is for Cameron to have biological siblings, but if it is not God's will we will pray to be shown His will. We feel strongly Embryo Adoption still is in His will for us, so therefore we feel strongly this second transfer will work to His glory.

I have met several friends through online sites and forums who have completed or are preparing to do an embryo adoption. I pray for them regularly, that God's will is for them to also be parents through this miracle.

Please also pray for us as we prepare to go through the holiday season and then start the crazy meds again!


rebecca said...

Thinking of you guys as you prepare yourselves for all that comes with a new cycle & hoping that you are able to conceive and enjoy a blessedly uneventful pregnancy.

Michelle said...

Thank you!

Jess said...

How exciting!!! Praying for you and your dh as you prepare for your next cycle.

Michelle said...

Thank you!